We are creatives designing experiences through resilient architectural landscapes

At dwg., we take great pride in seeing our work positively impacting the health and vitality of the communities, environments and economies around them. Our work simultaneously celebrates an authentic sense of place while working toward an economically equitable, environmentally conscious and sustainable future. 

Recognizing the potential for urban architectural landscapes to encourage social and environmental change, dwg. was established in 2010 to create forward-thinking design solutions that promote healthier and more resilient communities. Our firm is passionate about urbanism, targeting our efforts at projects within high-growth urban areas. This results in a wide range of expertise including on-grade and on-structure landscape design, adaptive reuse, green infrastructure, public art installations, and urban design. 


We are leaders in sustainable design and low-impact development. Our award-winning, transformative landscapes are the product of careful analysis of the project’s opportunities and constraints, as well as the thoughtful implementation of sustainable strategies appropriate to each specific site. By fusing urban design principles with architectural form and the natural environment, we create innovative designs that are environmentally responsive, tactile, modern, and artfully composed. Our work enhances the built environment through the creation of engaging and meaningful places that connect to natural processes.

We envision a world where creativity leads great social and environmental change.