Nate joins dwg. as a design intern while pursuing his undergraduate degree from Purdue University. Originally from Brentwood, California, Nate has a strong passion for the natural and built environment. Striving to sustainably mold outdoor spaces for people – with people.


He brings a strong work ethic to the forefront of his design work and thrives in a team environment. As a part of Purdue’s varsity men’s swim team, Nate understands the meaning of teamwork and how to motivate others to always push their limits.


As a California native, he is excited to learn more about the Texas landscape and soak in all that Austin has to offer. During his free time he enjoys exercising in many forms – weight lifting, cycling, rock climbing, and hiking, to name a few. You can always find Nate challenging himself to learn new skills in the studio and in the weight room. With all of this activity comes a big appetite, and Nate enjoys finding new places to eat and cooking new recipes at home