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Drought-Tolerant Gardens | Mansion Global
Drought-Tolerant Gardens | Mansion Global

Principal Jason Radcliff recently discussed the importance of creating drought-tolerant gardens with Mansion Global. While some of the challenges involve establishing healthy soils and picking the right plants for the right conditions, the benefits of native gardens include reducing water use, supporting native wildlife, and minimizing maintenance costs—all while looking just as beautiful as more traditional gardens.

“I think people are oftentimes amazed at how diverse some of the desert areas can be… It can be robust and lush and dense and full, and it still doesn’t require a lot of water.”

Choosing plants that will naturally thrive in particular conditions, locations, and microclimates is an important first step. The built environment—whether single family homes or high-rise roof terraces—can create challenging conditions that many native plants are not adapted to in their natural environment. Understanding site conditions as well as what each plant species needs to survive is crucial to establishing a landscape that will thrive in the long-term with little human intervention.

Soil health is critical to any landscape, and is especially important when establishing a water-wise garden. While we often consider factors such as sun and shade when choosing plants, soil condition, health, and type are also important factors. In order to get the most out of a drought-tolerant landscape, we must balance the well-draining soils preferred by many arid plants with sufficient moisture retention to reduce the need for irrigation.

Don’t underestimate the diversity, seasonal interest, and beauty that drought-tolerant plants can bring to a garden. Read the full article here.

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