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Tree Manual & Toolkit featured in WLA
Tree Manual & Toolkit featured in WLA

With rapid urban growth and a changing climate, the health of urban trees is more important than ever for providing critical ecosystem benefits. In the constricted spaces of the urban realm, trees are especially valuable in the wide range and scale of benefits they provide. They can reduce stormwater runoff and erosion, reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide, provide habitat, improve air quality, provide privacy and psychological comfort, increase land values, and create shade that offers physical relief and reduces heat island effect. However, the majority of street trees are grown and reside within harsh, constrictive environments that prevent them from providing these benefits to their greatest potential, if at all.

The CPO Tree Manual and Toolkit, developed for the City of Austin’s Corridor Program Office, utilizes advances in urban arboriculture to establish improved standards for the complete life cycle of the city’s street trees. The manual promotes a holistic approach, proposing solutions across all phases of development including tree production and procurement, design, installation, and maintenance to ensure the long-term success of our urban forest.

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