night garden

Night Garden was planted with an ephemeral, nine-day bloom of 80,000 fluorescent survey flags, which were secured along a section of embankment and creek shallows at the edge of Waller Creek, an under recognized, natural feature of Austin’s urban ecology. The bright pink flags were illuminated by 30 UV black lights and glowed as visitors wandered through the field of blooms.


The radiant garden was further made lively with a custom recording of crickets, frogs, and hooting owls, composed to amplify the sounds of nighttime creatures native to Waller Creek. The ambient sound played over speakers hidden throughout the garden, and the varied, rolling site topography, made for a fully immersive experience that truly transformed the space and transported visitors. Allured from afar, viewers became enveloped by a field of blooms, alive with subtle movement from the breeze and sounds of creatures in their native habitat.


dwg. was responsible for the concept, design, logistical management, installation and removal of Night Garden. The team worked closely with the Waller Creek Conservancy to ensure the most impactful and cost-efficient experience possible.

Art Installation

Austin, TX

Client: Waterloo Greenway