2021 Retrospective

Please join us in raising a glass (even if it's virtual) as 2021 has been a year where we are extremely appreciative and thankful to our significant others, teammates, clients and collaborators. We are so very fortunate for your trust, friendships and the opportunities we have had together – and we thank you!

This has been a year to celebrate our remarkable team of talented and thoroughly wonderful individuals. In the continued chaos of zoom-ish work life we continued to show our innate nimbleness and creativeness, and we were very fortunate to welcome nine new staff members from all over the country. Additionally the dwg. little-ones grew in numbers as we welcomed babies Everly (Eric T + Wendy), Lily (Sean + Jessica), Frances (Robert + Jaye) and Anne (Kevin + Frannie)!

On the work front, we continued to focus on staying at the leading edge of technology and, most importantly, our commitment to workplace training and continued education as we near completion of our operational framework.

We celebrate our thought leadership and dedication to volunteering through Jake, Lauren and Tiffany's positions as 2022 state and local section ASLA officers, and Rachel's acceptance in to Leadership San Antonio.

We champion the need for environmental resilience with our ongoing commitment to achieving a carbon neutral firm through our partnership with TreeFolks and the City Forest Credits.

We continue to deliberately pursue the edge, and this year we celebrate numerous wonderful commissions and wins, major milestones and the start of construction on projects that build upon our focus on design excellence and art, climate action, environmental resilience and ecological restoration. We are still celebrating the triumphant success around the opening of Waterloo Park and extend our deepest gratitude, thanks and awe for the amazing team at MVVA for taking us under their wing for this once-in-a-generation transformational project!

Above all, we celebrate our Best in Class studio / practice / firm and, while we continue to stay nimble and adaptable through the pandemic, we look forward to another year of wicked challenges, amazing opportunities and game-changing moments. We will continue to raise our commitment to climate action and the importance of the public realm, nature and ecology, green infrastructure and art.

Let's raise a glass to 2022! May the force be with you and, as I have often been known to say – onwards and upwards!

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