So much can happen in ten years, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t take some time to reflect on a decade of work. To look back and celebrate the growth that started in 2010, sketching on the dining room table, to today, leading a 25+ strong team of professionals working in lockstep to make our built environment more resilient, more responsive, more forward-facing and innovative. 

Now, as we’ve shifted to a work-from-home environment, I’m back at that very same dining room table feeling very fulfilled by what we’ve accomplished, and very excited about what’s ahead.

The last ten years have been a real call to action. Global climate change is the defining environmental issue of our generation  — the increasing role and responsibility of landscape architects to advance purposeful positive change is our charge, and one we at dwg., take very seriously. 

We have had such game-changing opportunities to influence the rapidly shifting role and position of landscape architecture to larger, more profound topics — changes that shift us toward a carbon neutral future.  

We have been blessed to work at every scale —  from furniture and single parking spaces, to parks, plazas, green roofs, campuses, and planning at a regional scale. We have worked extensively in our own backyard in ATX, throughout the United States and even in far off places around the globe. We have designed and built temporary installations, helped write new city codes, and worked on projects that have lasted years — all with a shared mission and vision to raise the bar.

We look forward to the next ten years where we can continue to push boundaries, cause a little trouble, and be leaders of innovation and design excellence.  We will advance our commitment to compact and connected developments that reduce emissions from transportation and sprawl, and will imagine an urban built environment that is more equitable and resilient, and more carbon efficient.  We will continue to champion the role and importance of green infrastructure, urban ecology, environmentally superior design and the use of sustainable materials and construction practices. We will always advance the importance of authentic, original design solutions that celebrate local craftsmanship, distinctiveness and sense of place.

We will be rolling out a series of posts highlighting some of the projects that have helped shape the DNA of dwg., and thoughts from our team on the process of design excellence that went into each of them. Please join us in our digital retrospective on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, and stay tuned for what we’ve got up our collective sleeves for the future.

Allow me to indulge in some personal gratitude. Looking back at ten years of projects, of achievements and awards, and most importantly, ten years of building great friendships with our amazing clients, partners and consultants, leaves me with a lot of thanks to give. At the forefront, I am so very proud of the entire team at dwg., who are, each and every one, all at the top of their game.

I also owe so much to my business partner, Eric, a brilliant copilot on this crazy ride. And to my wonderful wife and son, who make this all worth it, and of course to my parents for trusting, believing and very much investing in me — thank you all.

Onwards and ever upwards,