waterloo park featured in Texas Architect

With Waterloo Park set to open August 14th, there have been a lot of eyes on the largest urban park in downtown Austin. But much of what you see on site is only the start of the story.

“What you’re seeing here on the surface is great,” says Eric Schultz, managing principal at Austin landscape architecture firm dwg., a local partner on the project, “but probably 50 percent of the work is under the ground.” The caliche blocks that help to stabilize the bank will crumble, allowing plants and habitats to get established. Stumps and logs salvaged from the site are anchored into the walls; they provide great habitat for turtles and other wildlife, says Rigdon, and they won’t come crashing downstream during a storm. The materials and techniques developed for this first section of the creek form a kind of toolkit for subsequent phases of creek restoration. “You’re seeing Chapter Three of a much longer book,” Schultz says.

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