dwg. | TreeFolks carbon+ credits

dwg. is the first private business in Texas to buy Carbon+ Credits from local tree planting nonprofit, TreeFolks. This purchase paves the way for the future of sustainability and climate action in the business realm.

Carbon+ Credits are different from traditional credits because they quantify ancillary benefits, such as human health improvements and increased energy savings, in addition to evaluating the amount of carbon being sequestered from the atmosphere.

By purchasing these credits we not only offset our carbon emissions, but are also investing money straight back into the community through TreeFolks’ reforestation work. The trees that produce the credits are planted throughout Travis County and neighboring counties, so the communities of the Central Texas region directly benefit from the trees. This localized climate action paired with other sustainability practices could be replicated in other cities and counties as a realistic pathway forward for the carbon economy and business sustainability practices.

“Planting trees is one of the most cost-effective methods to combat the climate crisis and cool our city. We are grateful for the team at dwg., who value this impact and are leading the way. Partners like dwg. truly help Keep Austin Rooted." - Andrew Smiley, TreeFolks Executive Director

To find out more about this exciting partnership, download the press release and FAQ:

. Becomes First Privat
FAQ_ Carbon+ Credits, dwg., & TreeFolks
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