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ACC Rio Grande Campus


Located just blocks from the Texas State Capitol, this 4 acre site represents the heart of Austin Community College’s historic downtown Rio Grande Campus. The renovation of the main building, dating originally from 1916, retained the historic facade while creating a contemporary learning environment within. Achieving LEED Platinum, the project preserves six heritage trees, utilizes 100% reclaimed water for irrigation, and supports ACC’s mission of creating a sustainable, safe, and healthy environment for students and employees.

Two courtyards provide inviting venues for gathering and study. The sunken plaza of the south courtyard was excavated to engage directly with the redesigned lower level of the building, providing at-grade accessible spaces and connections. The north courtyard’s terraces accommodate the grade change between building entrances and preserve existing trees. Materials respond to changing conditions and context: pavers denote the high traffic entrance, decomposed granite creates comfortable seating areas, and wood decking protects the roots of heritage trees.

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