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Congress Ave. Pocket Patios


Challenging conceptions of existing street infrastructure, our initiative to convert parking spaces into dynamic seating and gathering areas for pedestrians has resulted in numerous transformations of public urban space in downtown Austin. These strategic interventions in the streetscape create a respite in the busy urban environment, shifting the focus from vehicular convenience to pedestrian experience.

Each patio requires atypical, custom design solutions. They utilize the limited space provided by a handful of parking spots leased from the city, and must therefore also be designed to be eventually removable. Although small in square footage, the pocket patios create an impact beyond their physical size. These reimagined spaces serve to not only further activate the public realm, but also support our local businesses by providing improved amenities and environments to their customers.

Collaborating with the City of Austin, local business owners, and the Downtown Austin Alliance, the projects have resulted in the modification of the City’s pocket patio ordinance, and set the precedent for future pocket patios in the city.

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