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Si-glo | Creek Show


Started in 2012 as a way to bring awareness to improving a neglected waterway weaving through the downtown fabric, Creek Show is an annual ten-night public art event featuring light-based sculptures by local artists and designers. The show is an opportunity to introduce whimsy and enchantment to the urban environment.

Inspired by the thousands of new plants installed at the recently renovated Waterloo Park, si-glo elevated the century plant to epic proportions to celebrate the revitalization of the Waller Creek ecosystem in the heart of Austin. Installed as part of the first Creek Show to be hosted within the park, the inflatable, internally illuminated sculptures highlighted both the monumental changes to the park and the importance of green space in the city. By creating an unforgettable and positive experience through public art, the installation helped to forge connections between the public and this unique urban open space. Gigantic, glowing, and soft to touch, the inflatables evoked joy and delight and honored Waterloo Greenway’s mission of enhancing connections between nature, art, and culture.

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