Sherry Zhang comes to dwg. after recently moving from New York City, where she practiced landscape design since achieving her Masters in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University in 2014. Sherry embraces human-friendly design and believes strongly that cities are for people.


With more than 10 years of professional fine arts training and a passion for the natural world, Sherry has developed a strong aesthetic sense and the ability to shape works of art in the built environment.


Inspired by nature’s innate beauty, Sherry’s unique integration of natural surroundings and artistic elements improves the value of landscapes and encourages guests to explore the concept of public and private space.


Sherry’s aspiration is to meld the confluences of aesthetics, technology and attention to detail to create an environmentally sustainable and experientially rich landscapes. This continues to drive her role as a steward of the built environment.


When she's not changing the built environment, you can Sherry exploring her new home - Austin.

912B Congress Ave.
Austin, TX 78701

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Tel: 512-320-0668