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Eric Schultz


In his role as managing principal, Eric ensures that dwg. succeeds in both the big picture and the day to day work. He oversees the implementation of the firm’s strategic vision, secures its financial stability, and guides the research and development priorities of the practice. He is dedicated to leading the industry and pushing the boundaries of how people work. Embracing experimentation to find better solutions, he develops new processes and workflows, promotes the use of scientific data to drive design decisions, and adapts technologies of adjacent industries to position the firm as a global leader in design and sustainability.

Eric leads projects that create far-reaching urban environmental impacts. From developing a pocket patio ordinance to design guidelines for a city-wide rail system, he recognizes the potential for influencing city policy to have positive effects beyond the scale of a single site. He participates in code review and re-write committees, is an active member of the Texas ASLA code advisory group, and his mastery of complex city-permitting issues has made him one of the most sought after team members for urban design and development projects.

He has identified his spirit animal as the chupacabra, and when he’s not celebrating Alien Abduction Day, he can be found meticulously planning his next travel adventure, memorizing IATA airport codes, and adding to his (questionable) food collection.

Eric Schultz
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