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Eric Tran


Eric’s design philosophy stems on the belief that urban design and landscape architecture is a crossing of art, science and sociology. As the designer, we have the ability to shape our environment and community in endless ways that can create impacts at different magnitudes. Eric appreciates that landscape architecture not only plans for the present, but also the future. Whether it is how a user interacts with the space during day one to how the landscape matures and fills into its intended design 20 years from now, we have the opportunity to plan for it all.

​Originally from Pennsylvania, Eric moved out to the west coast and holds a B.S. in Landscape Architecture from California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, California. After graduating he started his professional career in San Diego. During his time in Southern California, he gained extensive experience on all fronts of the profession and managed projects ranging from master planning, institutional, commercial, hospitality and urban infill development.

​In his spare time, Eric enjoys being extremely active. From hiking, to CrossFit, to chasing his baby son (Arlo) around all day, there is always something that is keeping him busy.

Eric Tran
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