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Jake Aalfs


Jake grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles in an area of unique beauty surrounded by an ever-expanding metropolitan area. He frequented the beaches, mountains, deserts, surrounding parks, and natural areas all the while developing an appreciation for the existing regional landscape. He experienced the growth of the city and witnessed the struggle to meet transportation and housing needs as the population grew.

​He earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Cal Poly Pomona and worked in a range of industries, gaining valuable and varied experience working with international colleagues and travelling in Asia and Europe. Recognizing the importance of a career that directly improved the lives of others, he returned to school and earned a Master of Landscape Architecture. His graduate work emphasized the geospatial analysis of landscape to determine the best use of land and to promote ecosystem preservation.

​Jake is interested in the appropriate application of technology to address social issues and improve the lives of all. He embraces the learn-by-doing methodology and enjoys discovering the true quality of things based on observation and interaction. When not working he can be found exploring life with friends and family.

Jake Aalfs
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