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Jake Battista


Jake grew up in the scenic New England countryside of northwestern Connecticut. He developed his love of the natural world by exploring—and often getting lost in—the woods and wetlands behind his childhood home. It was in these experiences that he came to understand the importance of conservation, the therapy of nature, and the value of the outdoors first hand. He studied and documented his time outside through the lens of a camera, which served as his gateway to visual art. Over time these passions evolved and expanded into architecture, design technologies, and 3D modelling.

Jake has a deep love of the American landscape and its endless variety. He is a proud wanderer and has been lucky enough to call many places home. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from Purdue University in 2022 and now happily hangs his hat in Austin. While the rugged beauty and cacti of Texas are a far throw from the mossy woods and cold winters that he grew up with, he revels in the value and variety of new experiences.

He is fascinated with the intersection of art and science for both its cultural and utilitarian influences. It is this background that allows him to create works with impact that are as functional as they are beautiful.

Jake Battista
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