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Nic Odekon


Nic comes from a background of international development which drives his passion in making spaces for public use, the communities that surround them, and how environmental stewardship and education can be best integrated into urban life. This has led to a specialization in dwg's sustainability efforts, including leading SITES documentation for a number of the firm's projects.

Originally from Arkansas, Nic joined the Peace Corps after college and served in Kyrgyzstan and Senegal as an environmental educator. His transition home led him to landscape architecture and he holds a Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin.

A recent transplant to Denver, Colorado, Nic is enjoying exploring the Rocky Mountains with his wife and daughter and making use of the city's extensive parks network. He is always willing to meet up for a run, bike ride, or food with friends given the opportunity.

Nic Odekon
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