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Nic Odekon


Nic comes from a background of international development which drives his passion in making spaces for public use, the communities that surround them, and how environmental stewardship and education can be best integrated into urban life. Growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas, he spent much of his time on the border between urban life and the natural world. It is also where his passion for community development first started, before leading him on a circuitous route which ultimately led to getting an MLA from the University of Texas at Austin.

He has worked in community involvement and sustainable design as a farmhand and educator at a demonstration farm, a Peace Corps volunteer in two deployments in Kyrgyzstan and Senegal, and as an English as a second language instructor at the University of Arkansas.

Nic is driven to continue to explore the potential of the intersection of landscape architecture and diverse populations as a means for engagement and cross-pollination of social groups.

On weekends you’re likely to find him out on a hike in the central Texas countryside with his wife, trying out a new place to eat, or out on his bike enjoying the Austin heat.

Nic Odekon
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