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Phill Seymour


Raised in the surf of Florida’s Emerald Coast, Phill received his Bachelor’s in Landscape Architecture from the University of Florida while working at one of the school’s many nurseries. A maker at heart and designer by trade, his experience in construction and design implementation drives his proclivity for the details both large and small.

Phill’s enthusiasm as a designer is fueled by his love for the complex aspects of urban environments and the people who inhabit them. Placing the importance of expression at the forefront of designed environments, he believes that the field of landscape architecture is uniquely positioned to influence the status quo for sustainable practices through the making of landscapes and public spaces as an artistic medium. Guided by the desire to create authentic experiences of place, he challenges the connotations of place and argues that is more than a synonym for location, offering instead that it is a unique ensemble of nature and culture.

In his free time, you can find Phill painting the largest canvases he can get his hands on, building and detailing scale models, sketching in his pocket notebook, or at the local skatepark absolutely shredding.

Phill Seymour
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