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Rachel Brehm


Known for thinking on her feet and a dynamic personality, Rachel’s skills lie in attention to details and how to tie them into successful marketing strategies. Her appreciation for the design industry stems from watching ideas transform from vision to reality. Her interest in communications and design has led to her current role strengthening dwg.’s relationships and position within the community.

Fueled by an unyielding passion to preserve green spaces, Rachel is a dedicated advocate for the conservation of our natural landscapes. With a deep appreciation for the restorative power of nature and the countless benefits it bestows upon communities, she champions efforts to protect and expand green areas in both urban and rural settings through various boards and organizations she is a part of.

When not at work or volunteering, she can often be found chasing around her two daughters and springer spaniels, cooking gluten-free meals, or attempting to keep her houseplants alive.

Rachel Brehm
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