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Shamika Ghate


Shamika joins dwg. from India where she completed her Bachelor's in Architecture. Through her work, she establishes a physical and emotional connection between built spaces and the natural environment. This approach inspired her to obtain her Master's in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University, where she focused her studies on the interplay between social and ecological dynamics.

She believes that art can be experiential, and that artful landscapes have the power to bring about social reforms, as well as inform various nature-revelatory processes that are not usually found in the city landscape. She is thrilled to be a part of a team that resonates with her idea of proposing social and environmental change through creativity and innovation.

When she is not working or sketching, you can find her whipping up different bakes and experimenting with new recipes. Nurturing her plant babies and listening to old Bollywood tracks with a cup of warm tea sums up her perfect day. Some of her other interests, such as photography and hiking take her in the great outdoors from time to time.

Shamika Ghate
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