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dwg. announces London office
dwg. announces London office

Since the creation of the Daniel Woodroffe Group (dwg.) on a dining room table in east Austin, the vision has always been to focus on the interplay of landscape architecture and urbanism. Today we have grown to be a team of over 30 strong. Our process of growth has always been highly organic and relationship-based, where we seek out individuals and projects that have the maximum capacity for impact in the public realm.

Since those early years of the firm we have always shared a strategic vision of building upon Austin’s spirit of innovation and fusing it with the established reputation of design excellence of London. As we continue to build upon the philosophy that our work is grounded on great relationships and our constant drive to innovate, I am excited to announce our new team in London.

Mehron Kirk, UK Partner and Senior Director, and I have known each other for more than 30 years. He and I ventured to LSU from Edinburgh College of Art in 1995 on a student exchange and we graduated with our dual honors degrees from Edinburgh in 1997. Since graduation (and my move to Texas), he has worked in Paris and London and led the urbanism team of a prominent firm in London. He and I have remained in close contact over the years, trading stories of our projects around the world. He is a natural leader and innovator, and shares a brilliant collaborative design perspective on urbanism.

Marine Goudoffre, UK Partner and Director, has been Mehron’s “right hand” since working together in Paris, and has been a lead urban designer alongside him for over a decade. Her diverse background allows her to develop design concepts and to solve problems in remarkable and often unexpected ways. Through her work, Marine aims to restore balance to harsh and hostile urban environments, creating restorative and engaging spaces where people enjoy being.

I am thrilled that both Mehron and Marine are joining dwg., where we can leverage our extensive expertise in the public realm. Collectively we are excited to offer award-winning project experience from across the USA, Europe, and the Middle East.

For many reasons, I am hugely excited for this next chapter of the firm and what it will mean for our existing and future clients. The future of dwg. holds tremendous potential for positive impact and transformative change. As the landscape architecture profession experiences a renaissance, dwg. is at the forefront of conversations about harmonizing the fabric and construct of cities, public realm, and the natural environment. We envision a future where landscape architecture continues to embrace innovative technologies, research, policies, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Our emphasis on sustainability, climate action, resilience, and the creation of engaging spaces will continue to drive the profession to the forefront of planning, design, and sustainable policymaking. With an ever-growing awareness of the importance of nature in urban settings, dwg. is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping healthier, more vibrant communities on both sides of the pond. I am so proud that dwg. continues to push boundaries, break rules, and make a positive impact on our future landscape.

Onwards and upwards!

Daniel Woodroffe

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